Become a Catt and monetize your local knowledge

It’s time for your knowledge to pay off. Work remotely suggesting tailor-made activities to
travelers in your city or favorite destinations and get financially compensated.

What is Citycatt?

Citycatt connects travelers with local influencers in a secure, practical planner, fostering a community that values authenticity and shared experiences. Our innovative tech empowers Catts to easily monetize their knowledge by creating personalized itineraries.

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What is a Catt?

Catts are passionate Local and Travel micro-influencers who craft unique itineraries for tourists on our platform, turning their insider knowledge into income. Instead of just posting on social media, they get paid to share the hidden gems and engaging experiences that define their cities or beloved destinations

How it works

A traveler signs up for an account on to plan their next trip.​

Instead of creating the itinerary themselves, they hire a Catt (you).​

You use our platform to add suggestions of activities to their trip plan and chat with the traveler​

After you deliver a Trip Plan draft, they might contact you with more questions for 5 more days.

You get paid, they go on to have lots of fun based on the itinerary you created!

Genuine traveling experiences

Travel just got a major makeover

As we embrace the evolving landscape of travel, there’s a growing desire for deeper, more authentic connections with destinations. By joining us, you become a pivotal part of this journey, guiding travelers towards experiences that are not only genuine but also sustainable. Help us craft a future where travel is about meaningful interactions, local insights, and positive impacts on the places we visit

"Our Catts represent our love for what is local, one of our core values. There's nothing like having someone to show you around and reveal a hidden gem around the corner."
Lizia Santos
CEO & Co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

You already work hard to create content about your city or favorite destinations. Why not monetize all this information by turning it into custom itineraries? Hello, extra money! 😻

Here are some more reasons:

  1. Community: You’ll be part of an exclusive family of likeminded people all around the world. Influencers who like you, love everything Travel and Local! 
  2. Free Tool: We are giving you a free tool to deliver these itineraries in a safe and efficient way. No annoying DMs from strangers, no contacts exchanged. Everything happens smoothly and safely inside the trip planner.
  3. Constant Improvements: We invite you to participate in the process of making this tool even better with your feedback. At Citycatt, we turn feedback into IT tasks, and then new features. Where else would you have a team of developers working to build you a high-level tech tool for free?
  4. More followers: You’ll be listed as a Catt in your city/destinations in our database of Catts. People from all over the world we’ll be able to see you there, visit your profile and hopefully become followers!
  5. Earnings: We do not charge commissions from Catts. You choose how much you earn, how much you work and we only charge a service fee for the travelers on top of your fee.
  6. Referrals: Referring new Catts and Travelers to our platform earns you referral dollars on top of what you’re earning as a Catt by delivering Trip Plans. Hello, even more extra money! 😻

Catts are knowledgeable locals who advocate for their cities on social media, or travel Influencers who go around the world exploring destinations. 

In other words, if you post regularly about local places you eat, hang out, exercise, or about all the fun you have in your awesome trips, you’re the perfect candidate!

1. You must be considered  a micro-influencer in one of the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, YouTube

2. You must have a following of 300+

3. You must have high engagement in your Social Profile

4. You must be older than 21.

5. You must post about your local outings or trips on a regular basis. This validates to the world you’re knowledgeable about your city or travel destinations, and is the main reason why a traveler would hire you.

6. Your account must be validated by the Catt Development Team. Here’s how validation works:

  • Signup: Sign up as a Catt here. In the signup choose what Social Profile you’d like to validate (IG, FB, YT etc).
  • Profile Validation: We evaluate each profile to find evidence of your knowledge and social presence.
  • Catt Academy: Once approved, attend your first Catt Academy Class: Be a Catt 101
  • Onboarding Call: Attend our Onboarding video call.
  • That’s it, you’re a  Catt now! 😻


Nope, you don’t work FOR us. You work WITH us through our platform to deliver Trip Plans. This happens based on demand and on your availability and you’re always able to decline requests to plan trips.

Our Catts are rewarded by each itinerary created. Citycatt is a marketplace, and you can choose how much to earn, ranging from $10-$40/day planned.

Basically, travelers give Catts editing access to their Trip Plan for a period of 7 days. Then Catts work by adding and modifying suggestions for things to do. There are no limits on the number of travelers you can help weekly.

Sign up  here! 😻

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