Become a Catt and make extra money creating itineraries for tourists

It’s time for your knowledge to pay off. Work remotely suggesting tailor-made activities to
travelers in your city or favorite destinations and get financially compensated.

What is Citycatt?

We offer a free online trip planner where travelers can have all their destination and itinerary information in one place.

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What is a Catt?

Our Catts are Local and Travel micro-influencers who show their love for their city or favorite destinations by creating itineraries for tourists using our platform. You can go beyond just sharing on Instagram and get paid to suggest hidden gems and fun activities.

How it works

A traveler signs up for an account on to plan their next trip.​

Instead of creating the itinerary themselves, they hire a Catt (you).​

You use our platform to add suggestions of activities to their trip plan and chat with the traveler​

During their trip, they might contact you with more questions.​

After their trip, you get paid.​

Genuine traveling experiences

Traveling is making a comeback. Soon.

As the world prepares to implement solutions for the current global situation, you can stay ahead of the curve by joining a platform created to change the way we travel, as more and more people plan to enjoy tourism again.

"Our Catts represent our love for what is local, one of our core values. There's nothing like having someone to show you around and reveal a hidden gem around the corner."
Lizia Santos
CEO & Co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up  here! 😻

Catts are knowledgeable locals who advocate for their cities on social media. In other words, if you post regularly about local places you eat, hang out, exercise, or about all the fun you have in your awesome trips, you’re the perfect candidate!

1. You must be considered  a micro-influencer in one of the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, YouTube

2. You must have a following of 300+

3. You must have high engagement in your Social Profile

4. You must be older than 21.

5. You must post about your local outings or trips on a regular basis. This validates to the world you’re knowledgeable about your city or travel destinations, and is the main reason why a traveler would hire you.

6. Your account must be validated by the Catt Development Team. Here’s how validation works:

  • Signup: Sign up as a here.
  • Social Validation: In the signup choose what Social Profile you’d like to validate
  • Profile Validation: We evaluate each profile to find evidence of your knowledge and social presence.
  • Catt Academy: Once approved, attend your first Catt Academy Class: Be a Catt 101
  • Onboarding Call: Attend our Onboarding video call.
  • That’s it, you’re a  Catt now! 😻

No, none of our Catts is required to work a certain amount of hours. Flexibility is one of our principles, and we want people to be able to work around their priorities.

Our Catts are rewarded by each itinerary created. Citycatt is a marketplace, and you can choose how much to earn, ranging from $10-$40/day planned.

Basically, travelers give Catts editing access to their Trip Plan for a period of 7 days. Then Catts work by adding and modifying suggestions for things to do. There are no limits on the number of travelers you can help weekly.

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